Feeling worn out or constricted? Struggling economically? Overburdened by the requests or pressures of others – social expectations, financial considerations?

If you are under pressure or feel restricted it is most important that you de stress every day. We must release all negative stresses every day otherwise they build up and compound, and will sooner or later manifest in some physical way. Stress is a biggy and psychological negativity always manifests itself in our bodies.

Daily release is necessary to stop stress build up.

If you want to truly be in tune and successful, unless you release past issues that are transposing to present expectations these will continue to hold you back.

A little each day in the direction you want to go.

You need to put yourself first in order to be helpful to others – if you are a mess there’s no way you can be centered and strong to help them.

There is no correct time frame – progress at your own pace. No right or wrong. You are an individual and someone else’s pace is not necessarily the pace that’s right for you. Well meaning though these people may be, it is the fallout pressure from them that can lead us to spiral out of control.

The more centered you are, the better able you are to tap into spirit, be aligned and be guided on the correct course.

And society conditions us as to pace and expectations – leave school, marry, have kids, hold a 9-5 job and so on. We can get so involved in DOING but we need to be BEING.

It is not a race – there will always be your opportunities for YOU when it is the right time. For example – pressure to get on the property ladder before prices increase again, but there will always be opportunities later for YOU – when the time is right for YOU and YOU alone. Because when the time is right for you, you are aligned and open and receiving, and opportunities and situations open up and present themselves that are tailor made especially for you.

Pay no attention to the media and public commentary about the state of the economy. We each have our own journey and when it’s time for us personally to prosper, then that is the right time. So therefore carry no guilt, we don’t have to be financially impoverished or martyrish to be deserving.

You work extremely hard, you have a fantastic mind – use it – you deserve it. Go get it. It’s rightfully yours.

When you focus on things that make you happy, turn you on etc – focus also on the feelings it gives you- tap into these feelings – and picture yourself living/breathing/doing these things – live it and enjoy – they are unfolding before you.

At your own pace

One thought on “At your own pace

  • 31st March 2011 at 15:12

    This is spot on with what I’m going through – your words have inspired me to take time for me today. I’ve just got back from the beach and a relaxing walk. This blog post has set me back on course with what I already know I need to be doing for myself. Thank you.


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