Free yourself from emotional eating forever.

I am looking forward to showing you how to achieve your natural ideal weight without the usual angst associated with traditional dieting.

Not reaching your weight goals?
Frustrated when weight comes off and goes straight back on again?
Sabotaging yourself when you were doing well?
Tried every trick in the book but still struggling?

Using food to deal with emotions is called emotional eating.

If you overeat when you feel emotional hurt, stress, or are under pressure, then food has unconsciously become your substitute for security and happiness.  In essence, eating protects you from the feelings you don’t want to feel.

Some people overeat to reward themselves when they’re frustrated or unfulfilled.

And some overeat in order to feel safe, or to fill emptiness.

Eating has been chosen as the preferred way to handle negative emotions, and it is this psychological pattern that makes diets fail.

Most diets address the nutritional aspect alone – calories in, versus calories used.  They tend to ignore the most important aspect – feeding your mind and soul.

Regain your power and end your struggle with excess weight. You can look good and feel great again!

With my integrated holistic approach I can help you to change your attitudes and habits about food and your ability to reduce weight, while helping you to address the issues of depression, anxiety and stress, which can all contribute to unhealthy weight gain. Get back on track by taking your first step and contact me now to discuss how I may assist you.

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