Ski RacersMore than 60 % of Success is in the Mind. Seemingly the only obvious requirement for sporting success is physical skills training – the physical mastery of the skills required, along with physical fitness. But that is only the start!

In sport more than 60% of success is in the mind!  As little as only 40% is related to the physical conditioning, training etc of the actual skills required. Athlete’s minds are critical to their degree of effectiveness.  Being able to control your mind is an essential element to being the best sportsperson you are capable of being. Positive belief in yourself and a positive self-image are two of your most important allies.

Along with a strong desire to do well, and a competitive spirit.  But, most importantly it is what lies within an athlete’s mind that dictates his or her ultimate level of achievement and subsequent attainment of goals.

The correct mental attitude is paramount to a top performance.P1010573Ski Racers

With my help, all sports people, whether they are recreational athletes or those at the top of their game, can learn to positively use their minds in conjunction with physical training.

Ski RacersMany elite athletes have already discovered that their minds are key tools for their success.  Often they discover this only after years of frustration and challenges with particular issues.

Lindsay Cook All Sports Performance is designed to enhance physical abilities and turn dreams into reality.   Sports people invest so much time, money and effort in physical training and enhancing technical skills.  But not so many have considered how great a part their mind plays in their performance.  To be a truly successful athlete and in order to perform to the best of your ability you require:


  • Relaxation.  Tension burns up necessary energy and so easily hinders performance.  Tension creates an inability to focus and concentrate.  It is easy to make the wrong decisions from a position of tension, resulting in decreased confidence.
  • Concentration.  In order to concentrate fully we need to be relaxed.
  • Confidence.  This has a bearing on the overall picture.  If you physically fit, have trained hard, and practiced well, are relaxed, and can concentrate, then your confidence will be very high.  Good decision making increases confidence.

More than 60 % of success in sport is in the mind.  There are five primary factors influencing success:

  • Physical Fitness
  • Skills Development
  • Freedom from unnecessary tension
  • Concentration on the day
  • Confidence in self

Those who have the edge or can cope under pressure or in difficult circumstances have already learned to control their mind.

My role is to help you gain this control and to reinforce the teachings of your coach or trainer.  Emphasising here the importance of working with your coach or trainer, not against.  The coach teaches the skills required and I assist by giving positive suggestions directly into your subconscious mind using Hypnotherapy. This is the primary and most important point of difference between my method and traditional sport psyching methods

Traditional sports psychology deals only with your conscious mind, and the only way that it is possible to re programme your subconscious mind directly is to use hypnosis.  In order to reprogramme your subconscious mind we need to talk directly to it and the only way to talk directly to the subconscious mind is when you are in the Hypnotic State. Suggestions are given directly to the subconscious mind, bypassing the conscious critical mind (the doubting mind) in order to effect immediate positive and long lasting change.

I can show you practical tangible ways to:Ski Racers

  • Build confidence.Ski Racers
  • Learn to prioritise.  Focus on the things that are most important at the time.
  • Have awareness of the current situation in order to be in a position to act under pressure.
  • Be resilient, resourceful, focused under pressure.
  • Setting up to succeed.
  • Mental toughness.  Being able to “flush it away” if things go wrong.
  • Staying in the present.  Minimising the effect of any mistakes so they don’t interfere with the rest of your game.
  • Eliminating bad habits.
  • Effectively utilising emotions.
  • Undoing fears and previous bad experiences.
  • Dealing with personal issues (family problems, or money worries for instance) and not allowing them to interfere with your sporting focus.

Whatever your sport, your mind is critical to development.  Mastering your mental game is the secret to excellence.P1010882

In just two sessions, I’ll share with you proven techniques that provide immediate and long lasting tangible positive results that have far reaching effects of benefiting other areas of your life as well.Ski Racers

Take your first step and contact me now to discuss how I may assist you.