Equestrian Sports Performance Enhancement for Riders
Mental strength is everything. Why is it then that so many talented riders continue to ignore this proposition?
Many people pay lip service to the notion that sport is won or lost on our mental strength. So the question has to be asked then, why do so many athletes continue to focus only on the physical aspects – technical skills and fitness?

Success at any level is largely dependent on attitude. Attitude is everything. And so is being able to ride to the very best of your ability – to give it 100%.

As an equestrian athlete you can be the most capable rider, or ride the most talented horse, and have the most refined technical skills and physical fitness. However, if you suffer low self-belief, lack confidence or are hampered by other emotional issues, these will hinder you in your quest for success and prevent you from performing to your best.

Negative thoughts hamper technique

Negative thoughts impair your riding. No matter how technically proficient or physically fit you or your horse may be, you need to get your mind working with you, rather than against you. Quieten that inner voice – manage your self-talk – those self-doubting thoughts. Turn them into positive, “can-do” thoughts, which in turn lead to positive actions. The way you talk to yourself in your mind has a big impact on your self-confidence and on your overall performance. Your internal self talk and subconscious beliefs can make it or break it for you, no matter how good your technique!

Leadership bonds yourself with your horse

Horse riding as a sport is unique in that you have more than just yourself to take into account – in the horse you have another being, another mind. Your horse is part of your game so it’s up to you to establish mutual trust, and respect. The horse wants an effective leader and gets his confidence from you. So imagine what the horse thinks when you can ride confidently at home, but when you’re out at a competition suddenly you become tense and anxious? “Wow, is she out of her mind?”

Is Fear holding you back?

If fear is holding you back – maybe you’ve had a fall or bad experience – or you’re just not feeling as confident as you used to when you were younger?th_horse

Are nerves getting the better of you? Are you kicking yourself for making silly mistakes?  Do you know you are capable of better but just can’t pull it all together when it counts?

I can help you to learn to manage your fears, build confidence, and change your unwanted behaviours so that you may regain the pleasure and fun from your riding. Learn mental toughness – Minimise the effect of mistakes. Manage pain and heal injuries more rapidly. Learn how to focus and cope under pressure – real tools that you can apply straight away. Ride to the very best of your ability and be happy with your performance. Remember your Dressage Test or your Show Jumping round and know where you’re going! Reinforce the teachings of your coach or trainer so you can remember and apply the things you learn in your lessons.

Be resilient, resourceful, focused under pressure. Be confident in your own ability!! DSC03378

Planting seeds in the subconscious mind

Traditional sports psychology can help you with some of these principles. However traditional sports psychology deals only with your conscious mind, and the only way that it is possible to re programme your subconscious mind directly is to use hypnosis. In order to reprogramme your subconscious mind we need to talk directly to it and the only way to talk directly to the subconscious mind is when you are in the Hypnotic State. Suggestions are given directly to the subconscious mind, bypassing the conscious critical mind (the doubting mind) in order to effect immediate positive and long lasting change. The structuring of correctly worded suggestions given directly to your subconscious mind is called hypnotherapy and this is what Lindsay Cook Equestrian Sports Performance is all about.

Equestrian Sports Performance is my specialist field. Having worked with riders all over the world I can assist riders of all levels attain the best from their riding. Whether you are a beginner just starting out, or an elite rider looking for that extra edge I can show you how to improve your focus and mental clarity, concentration, motivation, conquer nerves, and a whole lot more.

In just two sessions, I’ll share with you proven techniques that provide immediate and long lasting tangible positive results that have far reaching effects of benefiting other areas of your life as well.

Take your first step and contact me now to discuss how I may assist you.