Riders – Are nerves getting the better of you?

Kicking yourself for making silly mistakes?

Know you are capable of better but just can’t pull it all together when it counts?
More than 60% of Riding Success is in your Mind

Get the winning edge with

Lindsay Cook

Equestrian Sports Performance


In just two sessions I will teach you how to relax, improve confidence, reduce nerves.  You will learn how to focus and cope under pressure, quieten that inner chatter – real tools that you can apply straight away to improve your confidence and give you the edge in your riding.

Mental toughness – Minimise the effect of mistakes.  Ride to the very best of your ability and be happy with your performance.  Remember your Dressage Test and know where you’re going!  Be resilient, resourceful, focused under pressure.  Be confident in your own ability and develop the mindset of a champion!!

Focus your mind for peak performance anywhere, anytime.  Reinforce the teachings of your coach or trainer so you can remember and apply the things you learn in your lessons.

Forget outdated methods – hypnosis is the only tool that directly accesses your subsconscious mind in order to effect immediate positive and long lasting change.

It’s safe, it’s proven, and it works.  Check out my Testimonials page for comments from happy customers.

Knowledgeable qualified practitioner with more than 30 years experience in Equestrian Sports in Australasia, UK, and Europe.

Contact me today for an obligation free chat.  Private, personal consultations tailored to suit you as an individual.  See me at Maraetai Beach, Auckland or I can come to you – New Zealand, Australia or UK.  Bookings essential.

Equestrian Sports Performance

One thought on “Equestrian Sports Performance

  • 7th October 2012 at 18:21


    I had sessions with you out at Silver Linings and did very well afterwards.However- was wondering IF you are in NZ anytime so I can have another session- those damn competition nerves are driving me mad..

    PS: Norman did win the Training Championship at the Winter Series last year-




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