New Zealand Society of Clinical & Applied Hypnotherapy – 25th Anniversary Conference

On September 19, 2009 the 25th Anniversary conference was held in Hamilton, New Zealand, celebrating and commemorating the quarter century milestone of the New Zealand Society of Clinical and Applied Hypnotherapy.
The New Zealand Society of Clinical and Applied Hypnotherapy was formed to represent the best interests of Hypnotherapists in New Zealand and to work towards acceptance of Clinical Hypnotherapy as a practical mainstream therapy – to be recognised by the medical profession, government agencies – justice department, social welfare, etc.
There were a number of speakers throughout the day, and I addressed the audience with a lecture about Passion – Finding your Passion and Life’s Purpose. Although primarily for Hypnotherapists, it is just as valid a question for everyone.

Lindsay Cook


It’s an emotional word.

What is passion exactly?

The Dictionary describes it as – Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling – such as love or hate – a strong feeling about a subject or person, usually of intense desire and attraction.

Passion is a force—sometimes an uncontrollable force—that infuses our life with meaning, joy, even anger. Passion catches our attention, brings commitment and determination, but one thing can be sure – it causes us to act. However if passion is guided by the wrong motives it can be quite dangerous. But when guided by the desire to help people lead bigger, richer, fuller lives, passion has the potential to help create a better world. Passion is the fire that burns within us. Passion enables us to go places others are afraid to go, to try things others are afraid to do, and to be the kind of people others are afraid to be! Passion creates the energy and drive required to do what others think is impossible.

Finding your passion unlocks prosperity and abundance.

What exactly is, your Passion? Read more here

A speech about passion

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  • 14th August 2011 at 20:53

    hi linds, just love your speech. It’s very cool. I’m also loving looking at your website as well. You write very clearly, something you have obviously got in your family genes 🙂


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