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Meanwhile, something about me…

I was born in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1965 and educated at St Cuthbert’s College.  After leaving school I worked in Dorset, England as a “Galloping Matron” where I looked after young ladies at Hanford boarding school whilst studying for my BHSAI, a horse management and riding instructor’s qualification.
Upon returning to New Zealand I held Sales and Marketing positions mainly with multi national companies.  This gave me good grounding in the world of business.

In the early 1990s I consulted a Clinical Hypnotherapist and became fascinated by the amazing results.  So I studied with the New Zealand School of Hypnotic Science and qualified in 1994 with a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy.  I am a professional member of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapy and a full member of the New Zealand Society of Clinical and Applied Hypnotherapists.

I run a general Clinical practice from New Zealand, and conduct clinics throughout the country and in Australia, UK and Europe specialising in Sports Hypnotherapy for athletes, particularly equestrian sports athletes.  Coupled with my experience in the corporate world I also run stress management workshops, and coach sales and business executives to help them achieve their targets and goals.


Lindsay Cook Hypnotherapy
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    Hi Lindsay,

    Just took a look at your sight and I am very impressed.
    I’m leaving you my name for your blog site.


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