If you have been thinking about making some major changes in your life the time to begin is NOW!  There will never be another time.  Maybe some have already given up on their 2015 new years resolutions!

Why wait for the new year?  Really anytime is a good time. Most think change and new resolutions are hard work and difficult to stick to but often that’s just because others have not succeeded.

So let’s try an easier approach – the approach of less is more.

Change begins with thoughts in our mind – all creation begins with a thought – a decision to do something.  ”Your imagination is your preview of your future.” – Einstein.

Allow your subconscious mind to begin working on your new ideal for you.  Think in positive terms only, no negatives.  All our thinking takes us either towards our desires or away from them.  There is no standing still or treading water!  Be free of the end result and if you can, be emotionally detached from the outcome.  This may take a bit of practice.  The right way and direction to your new goals will be revealed to you if you learn to trust your instincts.

When the occasional hurdle presents itself, keep sight of the bigger picture. It’s only natural to encounter some ups and downs – that’s life. The most important thing is to see the bigger picture – and apply your thoughts to it frequently.  Really, utterly and totally put your mind to what you are setting out to achieve and work on this every single day. Understand that this plan takes time, commitment and dedication, and know that every day you put in the effort.

Breaking your big plan in to smaller, more achievable goals – makes it easier to stick at it as you reach smaller successes along the way.
Remember – anything is possible. Dream it, envision it, own it, and achieve it. Be kind to yourself, giving yourself a fair chance at success by closing out negative thoughts and replacing them with something positive.
Track your progress – a scrapbook or personal journey diary is an excellent way to chart how you’re doing.
Reward yourself along the way – celebrate when you reach milestones and mini goals, allow yourself to really feel the satisfaction.

There may be days when your motivation is low – relax and go with it – making the most of what each day brings. Allow things to unfold.  Keep the reasons that you started on this journey to the forefront of your mind at all times.

Celebrate success at each and every point and live your dream – put it into action – you are achieving it.  Remember that there is plenty of time.  Life is not a race and you are not in competition with anyone else.  If you find yourself rushing STOP, take 3 deep breaths and reset yourself.  Slow down, enjoy life and let it lead you to your true desires.

Creating Change with least effort

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