Meet me at Equidays
October 16-18 in the Marquee stand M18 & M19 with Jump4Joy

Nervous? Stressed at Competitions? Negative chatter going on in your head?
Need a little extra confidence or reassurance?
If this sounds like you make sure you drop by, have a chat with me and I’ll outline how you can get the fun back into your riding and competing, improve your focus & memory, and pull it all together when it really matters.
Reduce your stress levels – RELAX….and get the winning edge with…
Lindsay Cook – Open Minds
Equestrian Sports Performance
My techniques really WORK – Fast, safe & effective, with lasting results!

”Hi, I’m really looking forward to Equidays and to meeting you at my stand in the Marquee M18 & M19 with Jump4Joy.

Plus, I’m offering a discounted rate on all sessions booked at the event, and a Prize draw too!”  DSC_1400

Meet me at Equidays

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