Last weekend at Puhinui I invited people who dropped by my stand in the marquee to leave their contact details and be in to win some goodies which included a USANA Health Pak of multivitamins and minerals worth more than $250; some USANA REV3 sachets – a healthy natural energy drink that gives you focus and stamina, without the crash and burn of sugar laden energy drinks; and also a session of hypnotherapy with me.

The REV3 tasting was a big hit with most people loving this new energy drink, and I received a lot of positive feedback.  REV3 gives a healthy energy boost without the chemicals, artificial flavours and sweeteners commonly found in other energy drinks.  Now there’s a cleaner, smarter, stronger option – REV3.  Caffeine from white, green and black teas helps support mental alertness and stamina while Korean ginseng and rhodiola rosea help the body combat stress and fatigue.  The REV3 sachets are a very adaptable and portable way to sustain your energy throughout the day.  If you need day-long energy simply empty a sachet into your water bottle and sip throughout the day.  Or if you prefer an instant hit make it as you would a cup of tea or coffee and have it hot or cold.  REV3 has a refreshing lemon-tea flavour, only 2 g of sugar, with 10 Calories (41.8kJ) per serving.

So what are you waiting for?  If you would like to try this amazing new energy surge, give me a call on 021 222 5546, or drop me a line openminds@lindsaycook.net to order yours now.

USANA Health Pak WinnerThe very worthy recipient of the USANA Health Pak is Katherine Stewart, pictured here with her prize.

The USANA REV 3 winner of a pack of 5 REV3 sachets goes to Cherie Jaques.

And the winner of a complimentary session of hypnotherapy is Danyon Harvey.

Congratulations to you all, I hope you get the most out of these products and enjoy them.  Thank you for dropping by my stand and taking an interest in the products and services I had on display.


Puhinui International 3 Day Event – Prize Winners

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