Is your environment pulling you down?

Surrounded by negative people?

There is a lot of negativity around us – in many forms and from many sources.  We get negativity from the media, from the government, from our bosses, and simply from the everyday niggles in life.

It seems that negativity is such a powerful force.  And it is!!

Yet it doesn’t really have to be this way.

If you feel that you are being pulled down by negativity and away from the things you wish to achieve in life then please read on…

Negativity is the killer to creativity and achievement.  Nothing puts the brakes on or takes you away from your dreams and goals faster than a good old dose of negativity. 

But we can help ourselves – we are able to protect ourselves from these negative influences and help others in the process.  Just as we have been conditioned to moaning and groaning and accepting negativity as a given, we can take our power back and focus on things that make us feel good and that are good for us.  Negativity is extremely energy sapping, so start by aligning yourself with people and situations that do not deplete your energy.

Negativity is de-motivating and breeds procrastination.

Try this exercise.  Think of something quite negative and depressing and feel how your body responds to these thoughts.  Does your body feel kind of deflated, sagging?  Quite likely, yes.  Now, imagine and think of something positive and fun – a successful outcome.  How do you feel now?  Brighter, more alert – more inspired to get out there?  Happier?

As you think, act and dwell upon things that give you joy you can actually raise your energy vibration and make yourself feel better.  And by associating with groups of like-minded people the results can be evident much faster because of the groups’ combined energy.

However you may find that when you are not in the presence of positively energised people that your own energy may dissipate somewhat.  The key is in learning to maintain your own positive energy levels through choice.  Yes, through choosing how you will think and feel.

We can choose to take the negative aspect and this will usually feedback to us in some other negative way, or we can choose to take the positive and uplift ourselves.  However the amazing thing about choosing the latter is that in uplifting ourselves, we radiate inspiration and emanate this out to others!!

And consequently we help those around us become more positive which goes around and around breeding more uplifting positivity!  How wonderful is that?

This doesn’t need to be difficult – just catch yourself if you’re feeling a bit gloomy, and reach for a thought that makes you feel even a tiny bit better.  Then watch what happens.  The more you act in this way the more often you are able to ‘train’ yourself to aligning with positive energy which helps everybody.

Why not start right now by simply smiling at a stranger, or saying hello.  Check the response you get in return.  Sending out positive vibes and wishing the best for people has an accumulative effect and you will be amazed as your life changes and becomes more enjoyable, and easier as a result.

I’d love to hear your comments or feedback from your own experiences.  Together we can increase positivity and make our world a happier, more loving place.


How are you feeling right now?

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