Locks of Love – Handmade in New Zealand by Kate Small

If you are wanting to create a lasting memory of a beloved equine friend Kate creates beautiful bracelets made from your own (or another) horse’s tail hair.  Finished with sterling silver fittings made from her mould and finished off by hand, Kate can do a square 8 braid, and a middle bead can either match the ends or be a longer plain one that can be engraved.  Options to hang a trinket on these are good for younger people.  They are a lasting memento of a precious friend either lost or still alive.  Kate is very respectful of the hair and sends any excess back to you.  The hair is taken ideally from the bottom center of the dock about as thick as an average middle finger, and banded.  It needs to be about 30cm long, though the longer the better – mane hair doesn’t work very well.

These gorgeous bracelets are reasonably strong but shouldn’t really be worn with other jewellery that may catch and pull the hair.

Prices start from $80.00 for the silver ones, or 4 plait round braid with standard fittings for $50.00.

Contact Kate 07–866 3825 or 027-446 5752


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