In this time of uncertainty hypnosis is a great tool to help us shift out of the stress response and support our immune systems.

As all face to face sessions are unable to continue for the next few weeks I am offering you my same professional service through video calling – your preference of FaceTime, Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, or Zoom etc – for the reduced rate of $99 per session, (usually $125 each).

If you are feeling anxious and stressed and would like some extra reassurance you are invited to download my Relaxation Exercise free of charge.  This relaxation exercise will help you to release your anxiety, feel more at peace, and help empower you to make clear rational decisions.  It is safe to use any time you wish to relax, reset and refresh your mind and body.  Just make sure never to use it when you’re driving.

Get digital download access to my Relaxation Exercise for free right now by signing up to my mailing list.

Reducing Anxiety and Stress in Times of Uncertainty
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